A tender exploration of living (un)diagnosed and free, on our own terms.

The Alba Journals is a monthly-ish newsletter exploring being, healing, and belonging through life’s seasons in a way that feels authentic to each of us. Part love letter, part conversation, the newsletter features reflections—both my own and yours—resources, and prompts to help us find freedom, whatever that freedom may look like for us. All thrivers are welcome to join this community, no matter your identity or (dis)ability status.

In many languages, Alba is a symbol of dawn. It is my hope that this community feels a bit like the morning after a rough night, that sliver of solace and fragile optimism that rises in us as the light pours in. I hope we can uplift and equip one another to make each dark day a little brighter by bedtime.

Sending you light,

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A tender exploration of living (un)diagnosed and free, on our own terms. A monthly-ish reflection and prompt that empower us to rethink what we know about acceptance, fulfilment, and belonging.


Author, neurolinguist, entrepreneur, travel photographer, synesthete, sun worshipper, wine lover & lifelong outlier lending my voice to help others heal and thrive. Instagram @alba.a.new.dawn Twitter: kristina_kaspa